EPI-STAT Research Inc. is a North American based company devoted to program evaluation, risk reduction, and cost assessment in healthcare and research. EPI-STAT Research Inc. offers services in the evaluation of health-related programs as well as ethics review, protocol design and implementation, database development, information sciences research, and systematic reviews for policy formulation. The EPI-STAT team includes professionals in biostatistics, health economics, medical ethics, health law, epidemiology, hospital and field-based project management, and database development.

We can help when you need to:
  • Evaluate your new programs or existing services toward maximizing resources
  • Design and conduct strategic and program planning for new and existing operations
  • Assess target group awareness to assist you in your future program planning
  • Identify program benchmarks essential to evaluating and ensuring ongoing success
  • Maximize the potential of a program or service
  • Design and implement protocols for research, clinical, and quality assurance procedures
  • Compile and synthesize information vital for policy decisions and reports
  • Assist in risk management for new projects
  • Design cost reduction/efficiency programs

EPI-STAT Research Inc. will find the strategy and method to help you optimize your services and programs.