About EPI-STAT Research Inc.
Jo Anne Chiavetta, Director of EPI-STAT Research Inc.
Dr. Chiavetta has initiated and carried out projects in numerous areas of health care and medical research. Her work at EPI-STAT has included measurement of the efficacy of a government program to reduce exposure to second hand smoke in public places, in collaboration with the Public Heath Sciences Department of the University of Toronto. Other major projects include cost evaluation of blood conservation programs, analysis of the impact of provincial blood use policy on long-term patient morbidity, and a clinical intervention study of methods to reduce blood use in elective surgeries.

Prior to establishing EPI-STAT, Dr. Chiavetta was with the Red Cross/Canadian Blood Services for over 20 years and is the former Director of the National Epidemiology and Surveillance Department. She is an author and international speaker, participating in expert working groups including those involved in the regulation of blood transfusion services and the development of key documents used in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada. She established the first National Epidemiology Donor Database, which provides crucial surveillance of the safety of the Canadian blood supply. Dr. Chiavetta has developed and implemented template methods for healthcare and blood-use auditing, the first confidential HIV health assessment blood-donor screening method in Canada, and population-based seroprevalence studies of hepatitis and other blood-transmissible diseases. Dr Chiavetta also provides voluntary assistance in registry and database development for organizations with limited funds. She is a member of the American Evaluation Association, the Canadian Evaluation Society, and the American Association of Blood Banks, and is an ad hoc referee for a number of transfusion, medical and infectious-disease journals. Dr. Chiavetta is an expert in the evaluation and implementation of research strategies where little is known but the potential benefit is great.
The EPI-STAT team includes professionals from Canada and the United States in biostatistics, health economics, medical ethics, epidemiology, hospital and field-based project management, health law, and database development. EPI-STAT Research Inc. includes the expertise of the following Associates:

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Shelley Birenbaum, BA, LLB, MSW

Angela Colantonio, MSc, PhD

David N. Cowan, PhD, MPH

Michael Escobar, PhD

Fred Goettler, MA Sc, M Sc.

Katherine M. Luke, RN, OHN, BScN, MHS

Charles J. Vukotich, Jr., BS, MSc